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Welcome to [H] Arenaphilia - Blackrock (US)

We are currently looking for all classes to round out three Rated Battleground rosters -- Gold (1900+ CR, Monday nights), Silver (1500+ CR, Sunday nights) and Bronze (0+ CR / 1500MMR, Saturday nights). RBGs will be hosted every Saturday, Sunday and Monday @ 8p PST (server time), with pickup raids throughout the week (check calendar for latest events)

There are minimum requirements for joining:
  • Full Dreadful Gladiator+ gear and T1 weapon (weapon not required for Bronze team) properly gemmed, enchanted and reforged for your class & spec.
  • Skype w/ Mic (don't have to speak, but need to be able to in an emergency)
  • Add-ons: Battleground Targets and Healers Have To Die
  • PVP spec & talents
In addition, there are specific strategies posted in the members section of the forums that all players must be familiar with. Leaders will of course be directing RBGs over Skype, but it helps to have everyone on the same page beforehand and any role-specific strategies (ie, Mages @ LM in Arathi Basin or Prot FC @ mid in EOTS) will be spelled out in fine detail.

We are currently looking for members of all classes, specs and ratings to round out our primary RBG rosters. If you are interested please create a new topic in the "New Applications" section of the forums, or add teo#1220 to RealID and chat in game!
There are no upcoming events.
Death KnightsHigh Apply
DruidsMedium Apply
HuntersMedium Apply
MagesHigh Apply
MonkHigh Apply
PaladinsHigh Apply
PriestsMedium Apply
RoguesMedium Apply
ShamanHigh Apply
WarlocksHigh Apply
WarriorsHigh Apply
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